Enjoying Sunset

The Beacon of Light Program

With the unique challenges of today's world, it is more important than ever for students to be in touch with their core values and have the written and oral communication skills needed to succeed. The Beacon of Light Certificate Program offers students unique learning opportunities beyond their regular academic curriculum. Completion of all three 8-week sections results in a Beacon of Light Certificate- the perfect addition to their resume and a great talking point during an interview! This specially designed three-part workshop covers a wide range of curriculum that allows students to gain the following:

  • A clear understanding of core values. Students will be exposed to the tools and framework necessary to develop their personal leadership style by diving into the complexities of character, work ethic, intellectual and emotional intelligence and leveraging their strengths.

  • Enhanced written communication skills. Useful strategies for written communication with coaches and teachers, as well as preparing for the future (resume writing, cover letter, references, and thank you notes).

  • Enhanced oral communication skills.  By utilizing the appropriate tools and tactics, student will have an enhanced capacity to find new and better solutions to everyday obstacles and a natural confidence to speak up when stakes are high.

  • Invaluable firsthand advice and knowledge from experienced professionals. Our weekly guest speakers will be subject matter experts- ranging from talent acquisition specialists, executives in the corporate world, police officers, teachers, lawyers, and successful entrepreneurs- just to name a few! 

  • A light that shines bright in any storm. Increased confidence in their ability to navigate our ever-changing world.

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Focus on Mindset

Section 1 

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Written Skills

Section 2

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Oral Skills

Section 3